Workout volume on steroids

With the right combo of supplements and training, you can heal those damaged muscles faster to see visible results in a shorter amount of time. Velositol, a muscle protein synthesizer, is a new ingredient that can help speed up the process so you reach your goals faster. This high-volume approach will not only help you build size, but it will also increase strength. With 6 training days and an average of 10 exercises per day, this workout is intense. You'll train for 6 days straight and rest on the seventh day. Rest periods are substantial, allowing you to recover and knock out the next set with ease. You can start to see results in as few as four weeks, but pushing through this workout for eight, or even twelve, weeks is ideal for optimal muscle growth.

Hey Mike, this is great stuff! I’ve been training on and off for 6 years and haven’t seen that great results, so I’ve really decided to push myself recently 😄 I’ve got a Fitbit charge 2, and based on my weight, BF, age etc, plus I commute to work (12 miles a day) by bike, and lift weights 4 days a week, its calculating my total energy expenditure around 4000 calories burned per day…so I should be consuming around 3000 to burn some fat? That seems like quite a high number, as other folks seem to be eating closer to 2000 and below? Any reassurance that I should keep eating that amount? 🙂

The max effort method is probably the most powerful strength-building protocol available, and it’s a mainstay of powerlifters and football players . It’s also very simple to do: Keep adding weight to the bar until you reach the heaviest load you can handle for a given number of reps. After you max out your bench press, you’ll train the rest of the body heavy using exercises that help you to keep driving up your bench press and overall upper-body strength. As your strength increases, so will your muscle gains. And then we’ll revisit those forced reps.

Workout volume on steroids

workout volume on steroids


workout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroidsworkout volume on steroids