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a tu opis tej walki Dobry heeheh "Next up was the K-1 debut of Bob "The Beast" Sapp, an ex-Minnesota Vikings NFL player who has been training with the highly-respected American fighter Maurice Smith. The atmosphere for this bout was set at the pre-event ANA Toyama Hotel press conference. Holding an 8x10 glossy picture of his opponent Tsuyoshi Nakasako, who trains at the Zebra 244 Gym, Sapp boomed out: "He's a zebra, and we all know what happens when a zebra meets a beast." At this point Sapp crumpled and then ate Nakasako's picture. "The Beast looks forward to cleaning his teeth with the zebra's bones." Sapp then stood up and knocked over a table, glaring at his opponent. Offered a startled Nakasako, "I'll do my best." Well, what a fiasco this fight turned out to be. Sapp first used his 10cm height and 65k weight advantage to bulldoze Nakasako into the corner, then felled his opponent with some big sloppy punches. But "The Beast" didn't stop there, bringing an elbow down on the crumpled Nakasako, then putting a couple more punches in for good measure before the referee could separate the fighters. Sapp was given a red card, and after a two minute break the fight was restarted, or, perhaps the better word would be "replayed." Again, Sapp marched Nakasako into the corner and down to the canvas, only this time came in on his downed opponent with a stomping attack. When it became evident that the referee was powerless to stop the beating, Nakasako's cornermen entered the ring and pounced on Sapp. They were followed by the ringside doctor, judges and referees, and several officials, including K-1 President Kazuyoshi Ishii. In a matter of seconds, ten bodies were wrestling Sapp to the canvas. After a confused consultation, Sapp was declared disqualified. At the post-fight interview, Japanese media asked Sapp if he was aware that K-1 rules prohibit elbows, hitting a fighter when he is down, and stomping. In his defense, Sapp claimed that Nakasako had thrown the first dirty blow, "So he became fair game." Continued Sapp, "The Beast is not happy with the disqualification, we know The Beast was stronger, we know who really won the fight!" The question remains, does "The Beast," who got a roar of applause upon leaving the arena, really understand the K-1 rules? We'll have to wait for next time to find out. " Niedługo postaram się ją załatwić to wrzuce gdzieś na www KAIN Minister spraw wewnętrznych w dziale Liga NHB "The ground is my ocean, I'm the shark, and most people don't even know how to swim."

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“You can’t expect them to be able to do this overnight,” a senior administration official said. “There was some success last year where they kind of drove out al Qaeda from their stronghold, but then the threat has evolved somewhat.
montelukast sandoz 4 mg tabletki ulotka The patient took the microphone to thank his doctors. “My speech isn’t clear, but it’s really important that it is there,” he said. “I know it’s still a long way.” His words were transcribed in a broadcast by TVN24 after the press conference.
alesse birth control order The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) backs growth-oriented reforms that would include a curb on public spending, while the ruling Congress party believes subsidies and a range of social welfare projects have lifted millions out of penury.
best book to buy for pharmacy technician exam Some officials at global retailers have said privately they are waiting for the outcome of national elections due by May before applying to operate in India in case the controversial rule allowing foreign direct investment in supermarkets is overturned by a new government.
buy winstrol uk paypal The legalities of end-of-life decisions — including terminal pain management and the withholding of life-saving treatment — are murky in South Africa, said Willem Landman, the executive director of the Ethics Institute of South Africa, who wrote in a 2012 paper that the law requires greater clarity.

Winstrol tabletki efekty po cyklu

winstrol tabletki efekty po cyklu


winstrol tabletki efekty po cykluwinstrol tabletki efekty po cykluwinstrol tabletki efekty po cykluwinstrol tabletki efekty po cykluwinstrol tabletki efekty po cyklu