Whey protein vs anabolic fast grow

While protein needs differ between individuals, the consensus is that exercising individuals consume between – 2g/ kg/day. For those participating in resistance exercise this figure should lean towards the higher end to ensure positive nitrogen balance and to sustain an anabolic environment. Extra protein should also be ingested pre- and post- workout for maximum muscular gains. Not meeting these protein requirements can severely hinder your ability to gain muscle mass and to repair damage to the muscles from exercise. Aside from proteins effects on muscles, it may have additional benefits in terms of aiding weight loss. High protein meals are often more satisfying, making you feel fuller for longer and preventing binges throughout the day. Protein unlike carbohydrates does not create fluctuations in blood glucose which is one key drive for hunger response. Those consuming increased protein often have favourable fat mass/fat free mass ratios. That is, people who have higher protein diets have more muscle and less fat.

Thank you Emily for your article on protein powder. I don’t think their are any “healthy saturated fats” other than Virgin Coconut Oil that is not refined. Tropical Traditions “Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil” is the farmer I know of that doesn’t process (refined) their coconuts with chemicals. The saturated fat in the coconut is good because it never enters the bloodstream where it can get stored as fat, instead it enters the liver and gets used for energy, which I found quite amazing. Go to their website and read more about coconuts.

In conclusion, be “heads up” during your daily life and be mindful of whether you feel anabolic or catabolic. Think about it…for example; you wake up, don’t eat, rush outta the house, stop off and get coffee before work, the boss yells at you…CATABOLIC. You just put yourself in a catabolic state now for half of the day until you eat a high protein meal and relax. Keep in mind this goes for men and women!   Instead, your day should have gone like this (like mine for example).  Some fun before work, eggs and greens and grains for breakfast, get to work, go to the gym, have a protein shake and some juice all before 2 pm..Big difference than the first example I gave you.  It is a matter of choice and life style.  Notice, I didn’t take any dumb ass pre workout or drink coffee.

Whey protein vs anabolic fast grow

whey protein vs anabolic fast grow


whey protein vs anabolic fast growwhey protein vs anabolic fast growwhey protein vs anabolic fast growwhey protein vs anabolic fast growwhey protein vs anabolic fast grow