Unlock eggsteroids levels

Because so many people liked this game, Rovio Mobile released special editions of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Seasons , Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Magic . The special versions are basically the same game with some differences. In Angry Birds Seasons there are levels inspired by holidays or seasons. Angry Birds Rio is set in Rio de Janeiro and instead of pigs and wingless birds there are monkeys and birds from the movie Rio . Angry Birds Magic is just a special edition for Nokia and for more levels you have to use NFC .

Got droid #6 for Angry Birds Star Wars. Obviously it’s on Hoth 3-17 as the guide says. The best way to get it, which is extremely hard by the way: Is to take your first Han bird and shoot through the pig on the far left above the AT-AT towards the structure way at the top of the screen. This will do 2 things. 1: It will knock down the hanging AT-AT onto the shooting laser head and destroy it. 2: It will clear out the brown planks and weaken the stone plank behind it. next shoot off your next 2 birds as they are useless to get the egg. Finally you need to launch the 2nd Han bird up toward where you shot the first one and aim at the stone structure at the top and have it ricochet down and hit the egg. Very tough but with a few tries it isn’t too bad at all. Best of luck everyone.

In April 2012, the first update for Angry Birds Space was released and contained "Fry Me to the Moon", a new episode with 10 new levels. In May 2012, a further update was released with the first 10 levels of the next episode "Utopia". In June 2012 an update for the Android version included "Danger Zone", an in-app purchase with 30 challenging levels that had previously been available for iOS and the Space Eagle. In July 2012, Rovio released an update unlocking the rest of the levels in "Utopia", as well as 10 new Bonus Levels. On August 23, 2012, an update containing the first 20 levels of the next episode, entitled "Red Planet", was released, in conjunction with the landing of the Curiosity Rover , which the Space Pigs hijack for their own ends. On November 1, Angry Birds Space was updated to complete "Red Planet" and added one Space Eagle Bonus Level for each episode. These are unlocked by getting 100% on each level using the Space Eagles. On January 10, 2013, an update added "Pig Dipper", that featured water physics, and includes a boss fight against the King Pig's submarine. The update also introduces new power-ups: the Flock of Birds, which launches four small versions of the bird with the power-up active, the Pig Puffer, which inflates certain pigs in the level, and the Space Egg, which is an egg that destroys whatever it lands on. On March 7, 2013, rock legendary Slash made his own music for the Angry Birds Space theme. On September 13, 2013, Rovio released "Cosmic Crystals", which adds crystals and breakable crystal planets. On June 5, 2014, Rovio added "Beak Impact", which adds 40 levels and 10 bonus levels. On January 21, 2015, Rovio released "Mirror Worlds" and "Brass Hogs", which adds mirrored levels of every level (Except Eggsteroids, Danger Zone and Solar System ) and 30 levels of Brass Hogs. This update also introduced a new power-up, Wingman from Angry Birds Friends and Froot Loops Bloopers episode which has 5 themed levels and Toucan Sam instead of Mighty Eagle for advertising by Kellogg's . It also adds 5 levels for trying power-ups and daily missions everyday, three each day to unlock Brass Hogs levels. In July 2015, "Solar System" was released in honor of the New Horizons Pluto mission.

Unlock eggsteroids levels

unlock eggsteroids levels


unlock eggsteroids levelsunlock eggsteroids levelsunlock eggsteroids levelsunlock eggsteroids levelsunlock eggsteroids levels