Treating keloids with steroids

Honestly pop the valtrex. If you want to do it for more than the usual one suggested day, ask your doctor for the cream too if you have health benefits so you don't have to pay for abreva ( but abreva is just as good if u don't have benefits ) and I cannot stress to you guys enough how amazing the new Polysorin cold sore patches are. Seriously it covers the complete sore (s) and looks like nothing is there except a possible tiny scar. You can't feel the moving liquid inside the sore or the burning and your not embarrassed to go to work. I live by these things now. Perfect for men or women in my opinion and I actually think they look better when you don't cover them with makeup but that is an option.

Why do keloids even exist? As if dealing with scars was not enough, keloids have a knack for taking the problem and making it worse. If you’re wondering what a keloid is, apart from being a scar’s evil older brother, it is an overgrown scar tissue that is caused by excessive collagen production. While these giant scars do not hurt or harm you in any manner, they can be hard to live with because of their appearance. A lot of people opt for surgeries and laser treatments to get rid of keloids, but there are simpler ways that can be easier on the pocket. One effective home remedy for keloids is tea tree oil.

Studies have consistently demonstrated that persons of certain races are more susceptible to keloid scar formation. Individuals with darker pigmentation, black persons, and Asian persons are more likely to develop keloids. In a random sampling of black individuals, as many as 16% have reported developing keloid scars, with an incidence rate of -16% in the black and Hispanic populations. White persons and albinos are least affected. Alhady's 1969 study found that Chinese individuals were more likely to develop keloids than Indian or Malaysian individuals. Some evidence supports a relationship between genetic predisposition and an individual's propensity to form keloid scars. Genetic associations for the development of abnormal scars have been found for HLA-B14, HLA-B21, HLA-BW16, HLA-BW35, HLA-DR5, HLA-DQW3, and blood group A . No consistent pattern exists in the mode of genetic transmission, which is reported to occur as both an autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive pattern.

Treating keloids with steroids

treating keloids with steroids


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