The rock on steroids or not

USA Today has an article about Pain & Gain , which opens tomorrow. The article contains quotes from stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Mark Wahlberg, as well as director Michael Bay. In the story, Rock discussed having to snort powdered milk and artificial sweeteners to portray scenes in the film where his character is using cocaine. "My character was taking mounds of it, and after a while, it burns," Rock admitted. While the characters in the movie are jacked on steroids, Rock said that he didn't use any drugs for the role. "Oh, no," Rock replied when asked if he used steroids for the movie, before asking co-star Wahlberg, "how about you? You did all kinds." Walberg replied, "What? Steroids? No. I don't (mess) with those." Rock also noted that he was doing heavy cardio to lean down for Hercules , which is scheduled to begin filming this summer. There is also another Hercules movie in production, Hercules 3D , which will beat Rocks's movie into theaters by five months. Rock noted that his Hercules movie will be "the definitive one." "This will be the biggest prep physically and diet I've ever done," he said. "Our version is going to be the definitive one. Darker. And a little more animal." Follow Raj Giri on Twitter at @RajGiri_303 . Got a news tip or correction? Send it to us by clicking here .

@Geoff: so people are “fucken idiots” if they think The Rock used steroids? I’m terribly sorry to be the one to give you this reality check, Geoff, but you’re in dire need of it, so here goes; I’ve been doing bodybuilding for more than 15 years and I can tell you from my own experience that a lot of the stuff that you see on “natural” stages is often not natural at all – you should really get a grip on reality. Sadly enough, quite a lot of the “natural” guys (I wouldn’t say the majority) do a cycle during the off season and try not to test positive during the competitions (which has gone wrong on more than one occasion). I don’t have a problem with people using non-natural bodybuilding regimes, not at all, but don’t take part in natural competitions if you do, that’s all; go for the non-natural competitions or simply don’t compete. Furthermore, most of the “natural” bodybuilders are not bigger than the Rock; they might be more cut, true, and you might confuse this with “being big,” but most of them are definitely not bigger, volume- and mass-wise. And as far as the Rock’s steroid’s usage is concerned: he apparently admitted to this himself (which, again, is not a “bad thing” in my opinion; to each his own, after all), just check (for example) http:///articles/140046-dwayne-the-rock-johnson-says-he-used-steriods-is-it-just-his-era-that-used .

The rock on steroids or not

the rock on steroids or not


the rock on steroids or notthe rock on steroids or notthe rock on steroids or notthe rock on steroids or notthe rock on steroids or not