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The Beginners Stack
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  There are lots of stacks a beginner can choose from and this is when the biggest mistakes will be made. The novice steroid abuser will go for whatever he is told will make him bigger and stronger and will often want quick results. More often than not the novice will opt for a cypionate and dianabol along with HCG and if he is well enough informed will add clomid or nolvadex as well. He will bloat rapidly revelling in his gains of size and strength, not worrying about the 10 ml of cyp he's just injected for his first week, then the disappointment will come in along with a little depression and loss of libido when, he loses all that size that  was just fluid and along with this his new found strength will go and he will swear the guy who sold him the juice just ripped him off with fakes. Then he begins to notice the itch under his nipple, his testicles are shrunken and his body fails to respond to his thoughts when with his woman, she thinks he has gone off her or has another women, after all he can't have been spending all that time in the gym.
And the ball will continue to roll.

You're much better to start with deca and primobolan. The gains you will make will be small but at least they'll be permanent. You will have no bother with loss of libido, testicular shrinkage or gyno, no need to screw around with female hormones to try and jump start your test production.

Try this:
200 mg. Deca every seven days for 5 shots
100 mg primobolan every seven days for six shots (yes you can mix the two together if you like).
That's it no need to do anything else (well except train, eat and sleep)

If you're a big 'un you might like to try 400 mg deca

Steroiden kuurtje

steroiden kuurtje


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