Steroid induced panic attacks

* Do not overindulge in alcohol or use recreational drugs. People should never attempt to self medicate these attacks using any mind altering substance.
* It is important that the individual understands what is causing their panic attacks. One way they can get a clearer picture of what is happening is by keeping a journal where they can record times and what happened prior to the attack – that way they may be able to spot patterns.
* It is best to avoid caffeine.
* The individual should be careful with their diet – this is particular important if they are prone to unstable blood sugars.
* Learn meditation or some other type of relaxation technique.
* Treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy can be effective at helping people overcome these attacks.
* If people are suffering these symptoms because of alcohol withdrawals they should find that things settle down after a couple of weeks. If the individual remains sober there is no reason why they should ever have to deal with the problem again.
* Certain drugs have proved effective at helping people overcome this problem.
* Increasing self esteem and learning to be more assertive can mean people are less likely to suffer such attacks.
* Those individuals who are dealing with chronic pain should speak to their physician about better ways to manage their pain.
* If people are taking prescribed medication that seems to be triggering these attacks they should speak to their physician. It is usually not a good idea to stop the medication without first speaking to a doctor.

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Steroid induced panic attacks

steroid induced panic attacks


steroid induced panic attackssteroid induced panic attackssteroid induced panic attackssteroid induced panic attackssteroid induced panic attacks