Steroid implants

Hi, my name is Trish,
I have been diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease & leave for Germany in less than 4 weeks to have hyperthermia treatment. However I also have saline implants that have encapsulated & can tick yes to almost every symptom listed. I’m now at a loss as to what I should do? Flights have been booked? The only symptoms I don’t have are dryness everywhere & hair loss. The treatment in Germany is very expensive & my brother Is lending me the money to go. Is this an American or Australian website? I now don’t. know wether I should put the Germany trip on hold & go & have my implants removed. I saw a recent report on the News regarding saline implants with a rough exterior covering. Not sure if they are silicone, but it’s been discovered that the rough pouch is a causative factor in a very rare breast cancer. So I was going to have them removed when I got back from Germany anyway? Any advice would be welcome. I’m still convinced I have Lyme disease as I had been bitten by many ticks in 2005. I had no symptoms until after having a fall in 2007. I tore the medial ligament & medial meniscus in my right knee, displaced my right hip & exacerbated an old neck injury. After months of treatment with an Osteopath I was getting more & more odd symptoms. My Osteopath said he didn’t want to keep treating me as something else was going on & he recommended a Doctor to me. Anyway after many tests not covered by Medicare or my private health fund she diagnosed fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue & IBS. Treatment over the last ten years has been just bandaid as it isn’t making me better but becoming a lot worse.!I have now developed leaky gut & arthritis in my hands, knees & have some lower vertebral disc and nerve compression which is causing excruciating pain in lower back & sciatica in both legs front & back. I did have steroid injections in my back under act scan which helped the left leg, but the lower back & right sciatica are very much untouched by the steroid injections.

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Steroid implants

steroid implants


steroid implantssteroid implantssteroid implantssteroid implantssteroid implants