Risks and side effects of steroids

The risk of bleeding associated with endoscopy is low but increases when accompanied by other treatment procedures, and it may be serious enough to require blood transfusion, reports Mayo Clinic. Infections are usually minor and treatable with antibiotics. The doctor ordering the endoscopy may prescribe a preventive antibiotic before the procedure if a patient is particularly vulnerable to infection. Tearing of the esophagus or other areas of the upper digestive tract is extremely rare, but it can be serious enough to require hospitalization.

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If PeniMaster ® PRO is used properly, the mechanic principle of operation may result in an increase of the blood flow and, thus, in a slight redness of the glans, at which the latter will abate quickly after having removed the device. On the basis of the high levels of comfort, higher pulling forces than the recommended 200–1100 grams may be transferred to the glans easily. Particularly in case of the aforementioned or if higher pulling forces are applied without sufficient familiarisation, the result may be a temporary slight swelling of the glans and/or a partially whitish colouring, at which the same normally abate significantly after a few minutes already. Pulling forces exceeding the aforementioned may result in the formation of bubbles at the glans that will abate within a period of a few hours after having removed the device. Unnecessarily strong vacuum may result in the foreskin (if applicable) being sucked into the vacuum chamber at least partially and showing a swelling. All side-effects described and caused by improper application are temporary and are noticed well ahead of time by means of itching or burning reactions. Thus, the device should be removed in case of corresponding symptoms and it should only be re-applied properly in accordance with these instructions after the symptoms abated and with lower pulling forces.
PeniMaster PRO Operating instructions

Risks and side effects of steroids

risks and side effects of steroids


risks and side effects of steroidsrisks and side effects of steroidsrisks and side effects of steroidsrisks and side effects of steroidsrisks and side effects of steroids