Pro bodybuilder talks steroids

Lastly, the writer stresses the fact that correct supplementation is a must in order have optimal health while on a cycle. Anyone taking a continued dosage of steroids will likely face the ramifications, namely some liver and kidney imbalances. Is this a worthy sacrifice in order to compete on a pro level and dedicate yourself to what you love? That’s for the individual to decide. But according to this anonymous bodybuilder – the health ramifications are not a lie… just maybe not as bad as the media makes it out to be.

Excellent question. I've never used Andro and other testosterone boosters but I do know that a lot of companies perform studies at schools to see if their products work. For example I know that Pinnacle did a case study where they had 36 student's weight train using Pinnacle Andro Poppers for 6 weeks and 36 students train without using the product. After six weeks the 36 students using Pinnacle Poppers were 40% more anabolic then those who did not. I also know that Sports One Inc. Andro Diol proved to raise the testosterone level of all the clients who used the product. I guess my answer to your question is to make sure you use a product from a company who actually did studies to make sure they did in fact do what they claimed.

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Pro bodybuilder talks steroids

pro bodybuilder talks steroids


pro bodybuilder talks steroidspro bodybuilder talks steroidspro bodybuilder talks steroidspro bodybuilder talks steroidspro bodybuilder talks steroids