Negative health effects of using steroids

A potential health risk of negative ions is that proponents may overestimate their health benefits. Given the large number of ionization products and the many claims made about them, consumers can be led to believe that getting negative ions will heal anything and everything—from eliminating depression to fighting cancer. Negative ions may help people cope with seasonal depression and help the body function better, but many of these claims are unfounded and not backed by scientific evidence. For many conditions, negative-ion therapy may not hurt, but it's still imperative to talk to a doctor and explore accredited methods of treatment.

Your heart is especially vulnerable to the deadly effects of anger and its  consequences. Researchers at Washington State University conducted a study with  participants 50 and older.
Those with explosive tempers were significantly more likely to have arterial  calcium deposits—a primary indicator of heart attack risk—than those who didn’t.
Study author Bruce Wright, ., says lashing out in anger can make stress  hormones surge and injure blood vessel linings. But repressing anger is also  dangerous.
In fact, Dr. Johan Denollet of the Tilburg University in the Netherlands  headed a study of heart disease patients last year—and found that holding in  your anger triples your risk of heart attack !

In this paper, the negative and the positive effects of alcohol on health are reviewed. It is first of all established facts that a high alcohol intake implies an increased risk of a large number of health outcomes, such as dementia, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cirrhosis, upper digestive tract cancer and alcohol dependency. Second, it is justified that alcohol has beneficial effects for some individuals, especially with regard to prevention of thrombosis of the heart. The public health relevance of these results is considered. The sensible drinking limits, used in both the UK and Denmark, of a maximum of 21 drinks per week for men and 14 drinks per week for women seem valid. A broader public health message of the beneficial effects of alcohol does not seem to be of interest in Western societies, where only a very small fraction of the population are non drinkers and may have very good reasons therefore.

Negative health effects of using steroids

negative health effects of using steroids


negative health effects of using steroidsnegative health effects of using steroidsnegative health effects of using steroidsnegative health effects of using steroidsnegative health effects of using steroids