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But good news….we’ve discovered two possibilities that you might enjoy. The first is TAMARIND in Tribeca (check out my mention in my November 8th, 2016 posting, “LITTLE SPROUTS in the BIG APPLE”). I’ll do a major posting on TAMARIND in the next several weeks.

  • Tamarind - TriBeCa, New York
  • Joanne at Tamarind

The other place that challenges Tamarind is JUNOON (pronounced U-NOON; I’m told that the name means “passion”). This Michelin-starred restaurant boasts a handsome, contemporary dining room lit in soft amber tones. These days, it’s considered un-PC to refer to cultures and countries from beyond our shores as “exotic,” so I’ll describe Junoon as worldly and intriguing, but its location actually IS kind of exotic: on a dark stretch of 24th Street just west of 5th Avenue.
  • New York
  • West 24th Street - Flatiron District, NY
  • Soft Amber Lighting

The chef, Vikas Khanna, comes from Amritsar in the Punjab region of northwestern India, a tourist mecca and home of the GOLDEN TEMPLE.
  • Vikas Khanna - Chef at Junoon
  • With an Adoring Fan
  • Vikas is from the Punjab
  • Home of the Golden Temple

The lengthy menu celebrates five distinct Indian cooking techniques:

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