Lyases anabolic or catabolic

Aldolase has also been implicated in many "moonlighting" or non-catalytic functions, based upon its binding affinity for multiple other proteins including F-actin , α-tubulin , light chain dynein , WASP , Band 3 anion exchanger, phospholipase D ( PLD2 ), glucose transporter GLUT4 , inositol trisphosphate , V-ATPase and ARNO (a guanine nucleotide exchange factor of ARF6 ). These associations are thought to be predominantly involved in cellular structure, however, involvement in endocytosis, parasite invasion, cytoskeleton rearrangement, cell motility, membrane protein trafficking and recycling, signal transduction and tissue compartmentalization have been explored. [7] [8] [9]






10 September 2017: Sussing-out starch recognition in CBM58. We are excited to report that Nicole Koropatkin has completed the Carbohydrate Binding Module Family 58 page today. CBM58 constitutes a comparatively small family of CBMs found in bacteria in the phylum Bacteroidetes, including key members of the human gut microbiota such as Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron . Within these bacteria, CBM58 modules are found inserted within the GH13 catalytic module of SusG, the essential outer-membrane-bound amylase of the starch utilization system (sus). Nicole’s seminal structural biology has defined the family and provided insight into the recognition of amylose helices by CBM58 members in SusG homologs. Read more about this fascinating system here .

Lyases anabolic or catabolic

lyases anabolic or catabolic


lyases anabolic or cataboliclyases anabolic or cataboliclyases anabolic or catabolic