Losing weight gained from steroids

Hey fellow monster peeps.
Back in January, I had started drinking a monster here and there -always the “lo-carb” or “zero” (blue, white, pink) ones. I used that as my defense when my family would tell me I was gonna end up dying from ’em. About 3 months ago, I built up to drinking 2, sometimes 3, a day and have since gained 9lbs. I’m 32yrs old and just 6mos ago, I was at my lowest weight since middle school. Now, I’m growing back into my fat-pants, again, and I still work out 5-7x a week! I can’t even say they give me energy anymore, and I have a feeling they are counter-acting with my Adderall, which is prescribed to keep me awake! I also get migraines and they have been more sever and happening more often. The last two ended up with me in the ER and hooked up to IV’s. If that’s not enough, I’m also setting up an appointment for a root canal this week. This coming from someone that has a toothbrush/paste and floss with her at all times! I brush 3-4x a day! Needless to say, after finding this blog & confirming my beliefs…
TODAY, is my first day not having a monster…yet! I wish I had seen this sooner! Thank you so much, Hank, for putting this out here!

I’m comfortable in my skin now but to get there I've had to change some minds, mainly my own. Working in fashion and being the biggest girl in the room for a decade contributed to why I simply felt out of place all the time. For the most part, I couldn’t wear the clothes most of my peers wore, and I always had to find a way to work around it to stay on trend. I believed it was the size of my thighs that made me feel so uncomfortable all the time, but it was my own energy. My thighs are probably even bigger than they used to be, but now I’m one of the most confident people in the room because I’m choosing to be that way.

While I appreciate the article and do believe that many people make excuses about why they have weight, I have to share that because of that sort of advice, my thyroid issue went undiagnosed for years. And guess what happened when my thyroid was regulated? I dropped 26 pounds! I didn’t change a thing in terms of calories or exercise. I did the same thing with a regulated thyroid gland. Oh, and that is NOT a rare thing. It is extremely common. I’m an advocate now for having women get their thyroid tested and not from a doctor who only looks at TSH (it’s not enough–symptoms must be treated!) I’d say half of them also mentioned having low thyroid symptoms or mentioned they are receiving thyroid hormone replacement. Also, other hormones must be in balance for weight to be regulated. To the author: Please be careful with your casual, non-medical advice. That sort of advice cost me years of feeling sick and being obese!

Losing weight gained from steroids

losing weight gained from steroids


losing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroidslosing weight gained from steroids