Losing mass after steroids

" Losing Grip " is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne released as the fourth single from her multi-platinum debut album, Let Go (except in New Zealand where " Mobile " was released). It was released in late spring of 2003 after the success of " I'm with You ". The song was written by Lavigne and Clif Magness , and produced by Magness. The song is much heavier with grunge [1] oriented sounds, than most of the songs on Let Go that had a more poppy feel. She performed "Losing Grip" at the Juno Awards of 2003 . It is about Lavigne "losing grip" with her boyfriend as they are just not meant to be. The single was certified Gold by the RIAA on September 22, 2003. [2]

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Losing mass after steroids

losing mass after steroids


losing mass after steroidslosing mass after steroidslosing mass after steroidslosing mass after steroidslosing mass after steroids