L5 nerve root steroid injection

I’m a Corrections Officer and was injured at work due to faulty equipment. Herniated disc between L4 and L5 and something else I can’t remember aslo injured my shoulder and neck. I spent most of my time laying in bed, at first my wife had to help me up just to use the rest room and she had to put my socks and shoes on. After fighting with Workers Comp about a second opinion due to the fact that the first Dr wouldn’t issue me any meds and forced me to due Physical Theropy for the first 2 weeks of injury. All this with out having an MRI and just saying I sprained my back. I was forced to get a Lawyer to fight for my second opinion. So I was given a second opinion (Pain Specialist) MRI and a Cat scan. I now have to have injections in my back and aquatic theropy. I’ve read about the limitations I will know have and am a bit concerned about my career as a Corrections Officer. I am not allowed to have limitations at work and if I am not 100% I am not allowed to return. I’ve been a CO for most my life and scared about losing my job due to work related injury. What happens now? Dr mentioned surgery as well. Causing lots of stress for me and my family.

The proprioception of the lower limbs differs from the upper limbs and upper trunk. There is a four-neuron pathway for lower limb proprioception. This pathway initially follows the dorsal spino-cerebellar pathway. It is arranged as follows: proprioceptive receptors of lower limb -> peripheral process -> dorsal root ganglion -> central process -> Clarke's column -> 2nd order neuron -> medulla oblogata ( Caudate nucleus ) -> 3rd order neuron -> VPLN of thalamus -> 4th order neuron -> posterior limb of internal capsule -> corona radiata -> sensory area of cerebrum.

L5 nerve root steroid injection

l5 nerve root steroid injection


l5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injectionl5 nerve root steroid injection