Jay cutler uzima steroide

… [E]veryone is looking for that edge. You know there are steroids involved in the sport – in bodybuilding – obviously. And that’s the problem with the sport and why it has to get accepted by a lot of society. They look at bodybuilding and they say, ‘oh steroids.’ But they don’t actually understand what goes into the sport. You do what you do to be the best at what you do. You do what you do to win. If you want to call that cheating, fine. But I have the edge. And that’s why I’m the best.

I’ve been active all my life and during the years I spent in prison with nothing to use for working out have learned a lot about the bodybuilding lifestyle. I’m one of the many younger males that look up to these guys and what foundation they have made for them self as being successful in the industry. I understand the fact that they have possibly broken the law. I would proudly stand behind these guys which some people criticize for there steroid usage. Steroids have have been frowned upon for generations and the media definitely takes there toll on them as well as everyday life too. I do not disagree with them on that factor because a lot of these guys know there stuff when it comes to the science part which is the main thing when it comes to that level of competition. It’s an art and you have to to learn your body . There are proper procedures for everything and precautions to take to stop you from severely hurt yourself or getting these potential side effects from steroids. When you treat it like a drug the drug does you . More is better is what gets people hurt. Taking cycles the way it is intended and cycling off and using pct to recover properly will save you. Not even just that your age, weight , height all take play into what amount you should be using especially if it’s your first time. Another thing I would advise is people wanting to try should know there history and if they have low t levels already because if you have a history of substance abuse it would part take in the amount you use. Like I said there is a proper way for anything. These guys r successful and I still look up to j cutler and Dorian. You guys keep up the good work.

How the hell is it destroying his body…do you have any idea how physically fit bodybuilders are? “It’s not nice and it is not useful” is your own stupid opinion, don’t try to pass it off as fact. No, it’s not good for fighting, which is completely irrelevant but apparently important to the people on here who think they have something to prove. And how the hell do you know what girls like or don’t like? You think there aren’t women that prefer a muscle-bound, phat-paid athlete over some fatass bitching on the internet about steroids? Jesus, Chive’s comment sections are starting to look like Youtube’s.

Jay cutler uzima steroide

jay cutler uzima steroide