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• Charles Dubin's report, issued June 26, 1990, criticized the testing policies and procedures of the Canadian government and amateur sports bodies. As a result, Canada established the Canadian Anti-Doping Organization in 1991. The independent, non-profit organization oversees policy, practice and implementation of drug testing nationwide. It helped Canada become a world leader in the battle against performance-enhancing substances in sport.

In this clip we hear the voices of the following star Dubin Inquiry witnesses:

• Charlie Francis, Ben Johnson's coach, testified that 80 per cent of Olympic track and field athletes used banned performance-enhancing drugs. After the inquiry he was banned for life from coaching in Canada.

• Angella Issajenko, Johnson's training partner, detailed the use of banned substances among Canadian track and field athletes, including Johnson and herself. She was stripped of her world and national records, banned, then reinstated, then placed on probation. She has raced since, but without impact.

• Dr. Jamie Astaphan, Johnson's physician, provided steroids to Francis' athletes. He was banned from practicing medicine in Ontario, and served prison time in the United States for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and steroids.

• The Dubin Inquiry cost $4 million, sat for 91 days, saw 119 witnesses and produced over 14,000 pages of testimony.
• This radio item aired on the day the Dubin Inquiry closed. Coincidentally, the . Athletics Congress announced the introduction of random testing of its top athletes one day earlier.

• Many athletes, including Issajenko, believed the Dubin Inquiry put Canada at a disadvantage on the world scene. "Canada is the only country that was willing to crucify their athletes," she has said.
• There are studies indicating that steroid use among young people in Canada actually rose following the inquiry. One interpretation is that despite the sanctions eventually levelled against him, the audience saw how steroids turned Ben Johnson into a well-muscled, wealthy, apparently healthy world-class athlete.

Issajenko steroids

issajenko steroids


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