Hiccups caused by steroids

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To get rid of hiccups by reducing your acid reflux, stick to unprocessed, organic foods that are free from GMOs as much as possible. Increase your fiber intake to support healthy bacteria in your gut and eat plenty of probiotic foods . You also want to reduce grains, especially when refined, and sugar consumption, eat high-quality protein (stick to grass-fed beef over conventional beef) and reduce your intake of refined vegetable oils, like canola oil. Some people also find that carbonated drinks, alcohol and spicy foods can lead to hiccups, so do your best to minimize those foods and drinks in your diet.

Hiccups caused by steroids

hiccups caused by steroids


hiccups caused by steroidshiccups caused by steroidshiccups caused by steroidshiccups caused by steroidshiccups caused by steroids