Does wwe superstars take steroids

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A couple of years ago, when Cormier was preparing to fight Jon Jones, Cormier was in a weird place. He was the good guy in the rivalry. He supported his family, didn't party in out-of-control fashion, didn't get in trouble with the law, didn't fail drug tests. And yet, for some reason, the fans were booing him and supporting Jones. As Fightland's Chris Kelly detailed in 2016, Cormier didn't understand why, but there was an opportunity. Paralleling Bret Hart's late-90s run in the WWF (where Hart was a babyface in Canada but a heel in America), Cormier berated the fans for supporting the trouble-seeking Jones.

There’s a ton of dream matches over on SmackDown for me, and I’m sure as time goes on we’ll get to those eventually. But for the time being, I’m super happy I get to stay on RAW. It’s where I wanted to be. I have the Intercontinental Championship and it stays on RAW. The Shakeup was a ’s a lot of amazing talent that moved over from RAW, like Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Bobby Roode, just to name a few. There’s a lot of new interesting matchups for me at RAW that I’m looking forward to defending, successfully, against every single one of them. So we’ll get to all those SmackDown matchups, I’m sure. I plan on being around for a long, long time. We’ll get there, and it’ll be all the sweeter when we do.

Does wwe superstars take steroids

does wwe superstars take steroids


does wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroidsdoes wwe superstars take steroids