Can my doctor prescribe steroids

If you’re like most Americans suffering from any number of conditions or diseases, it’s tough to find the right treatment that will give you release from the suffering without causing harmful or negative side effects. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on pain pills daily to treat the sometimes agonizing symptoms of their disease or diagnosis. Pain pills can make you feel dizzy or sick to your stomach, sometimes even making you feel like time is slowing down or that you’re underwater. Medical marijuana can be prescribed to remedy the side effects that other drugs cause.

Q: I am 53, but this condition was first noticed when I was 24. My eyes and vision have been very good all my life — 20/10 or so to about 20/40 today. At times, maybe twice a year, the center focus area of my vision will become obscured. If I look at an object, a can say, it will vanish. But my peripheral vision will still be intact. This state comes on suddenly, and will gradually dissipate over about 30 minutes. This occurs in an outdoor environment, most frequently when playing golf. There is no pain or discomfort other than watching my ball go awry. Any clue as to what is going on? — ., Virginia

I’m glad the site has been helpful! In your situation we’d recommend you hold off any rehabilitation-oriented movements until after five or six days. Give the toe sometime with . treatment to help refresh the nutrient flow to the toe and give it some rest. After this time, gentle bending movements and slowly adding weight to the toe will help to bring it back to it’s original condition. As far as increasing the recovery time, often the best practice is to go easy . Injuries take longer tor recover or can become worse if one is too eager and presses the joint too far resulting in destroying any progress made until that point. Aim to use the toe as little as possible and from there test and add in any exercises provided there’s no serious pain when doing so.

Can my doctor prescribe steroids

can my doctor prescribe steroids


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