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The 1970s also saw a major central office technology evolve from crossbar electromechanical relay-based technology and discrete transistor logic to Bell Labs-developed thick film hybrid and transistor-transistor logic (TTL), stored program-controlled switching systems; 1A / #4 TOLL Electronic Switching Systems (ESS) and 2A Local Central Offices produced at the Bell Labs Naperville and Western Electric Lisle, Illinois facilities. This technology evolution dramatically reduced floor space needs. The new ESS also came with its own diagnostic software that needed only a switchman and several frame technicians to maintain. The technology was often touted in the Bell Labs Technical Journals and Western Electric magazine (WE People). [ citation needed ]

The Charles River Accelerator and Development Lab (CRADL ® ) is our new option providing turnkey vivarium rental space in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. This centrally located laboratory allows clients to invest in their research projects instead of infrastructure, without compromising on the quality of their workspace or equipment. Managed by our skilled technicians, animals receive the best in care in secure, modern, compliant facilities. CRADL ® is the optimum space for our clients to launch or expand their business, with the added benefit of access to Charles River’s complete portfolio of integrated drug discovery resources.

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