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If you can’t help it – consider getting some home gym equipment like I did. It’s very comfortable (feels like meditation time, working out alone) and isn’t expensive – especially when you’re thinking long-term. Lots of people asking me how to gain weight for skinny guys like ourselves don’t realise it doesn’t take a fancy gym to get big, or actually any gym at all. Just get yourself some weights, a bar and an adequate squat-friendly bench and you’re set. (See my recommendation in the article)

If you're going to use any injectable gear, then of course you're going to need some "darts." You can pick up syringes at your local pharmacy unless your state has certain restrictions. Also, you can purchase needles online. Just do a little searching around and you'll find several places that'll hook you up. Syringes will run you around 50 cents apiece. Note that it'll be more difficult to obtain needles (at least from the larger, more "legit" companies) if you live in California and Illinois. You'll usually need a doctor's prescription in those states. Still, if you look around enough, you can get what you need.

1. Are you trying to lose your beer belly (aka lose weight, the weight coming from fat) or are you trying to build muscle (aka gain weight, the weight coming from muscle)? If you’re caught somewhere in the middle it’s not surprising that you’re neither gaining weight nor losing weight and your body isn’t changing much. Without a calorie deficit your body won’t burn fat very well, and without a calorie surplus your body won’t build muscle very well. I mean some body composition changes will very very slowly take place, but not at a pace that you’d likely notice.

Buff guys steroids

buff guys steroids


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