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The British Army was heavily involved in the Napoleonic Wars , participating in a number of campaigns in Europe (including continuous deployment in the Peninsular War ), the Caribbean , North Africa and North America . The war between the British and the First French Empire of Napoleon Bonaparte stretched around the world; at its peak in 1813, the regular army contained over 250,000 men. A coalition of Anglo-Dutch and Prussian armies under the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal von Blücher finally defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. [46]

Although the Society is primarily for scientific glassblowers, we encourage anyone with an interest in glassworking to join – glass as a material holds an interest for many, and glassworkers provide a huge range of products, from glass beads and jewellery, to paperweights, decorative and practical vessels of every shape, size and colour, and sculpture intended for purely aesthetic effect. Were it not for these artists and craftsmen throughout history, scientific glassblowing would not exist as a craft. The Society holds a quite sizeable library, to which members have free access.

British laboratory steroids

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