Anabolic monster beef protein recenze

This product is of 90% formed by enzymatically hydrolysed (prodigested) Beef Albumin that is one of the highest quality sources of protein on the market. Enzymatic hydrolysis noticealby shortens time needed for predigestion of proteins and its function is therefore fullfilled virtually without any time delay.

AmixTM Monster Beef Protein is enriched by Creatine Monohydrate. Monster Beef furthermore contains Nitro Shot Complex, which consists of substances that will warm up your bloodstream and ensure faster supply of nutrients straight into main muscular fibres. The product further contains PhosphoMatrix that ensures supply of all necessary minerals that are very important for the athlets body.


- prompt delivery of all necessary amino acids
- perfect solubility
- easy to digest
- excellent nutritional values
- low in fat and carbohydrates
- high content of all important minerals

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MuscleTech was nice enough to send me this product as a Field Tester. Blackberry was not listed in the above. I must say I was very nervous about taking CellTech, My main concern was what people joked about on the forum. However, let be the first to say... I was dead wrong. I'm very happy I was able to try CellTech and I'm a believer now. Did I get huge? ... no. However, I did gain a bit and my muscles seemed "fuller". It's nice having creatine and bcaa's already loaded into the product so it's easy to just scoop,mix, drink. I will be purchasing CellTech, and it will be an item in my supplement list for now on. Now, I'm not a big "blackberry" lover... However, the taste is pretty spot on to what blackberry taste like, and it wasn't to bad.

Anabolic monster beef protein recenze

anabolic monster beef protein recenze


anabolic monster beef protein recenzeanabolic monster beef protein recenzeanabolic monster beef protein recenzeanabolic monster beef protein recenzeanabolic monster beef protein recenze