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I've been on your leangain's diet and I am getting accustomed to it already. I am following the workout routine you recommended but I just need your input on how to tweek it to suit my daily routine.

I am an active duty US military, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we do group sprints and do pushups for an hour (its like an intense cardio session). The nutrition of these days are the "NON Workout Days " of the leangains nutrition guide.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the LeanGains workout routine and following the "Workout Nutrition" guide.

I'm getting lean but I'm not getting the strength and muscle gains (I am pretty sure its from the sprints and cardio session we have to do 3x a week). Can you recommend me a Nutrition guide for my specific workout load?
Thank you for sharing your knowledge thru your site so EVERYONE can benefit from. Keep up the good work.

US Active military

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Anabolic message board

anabolic message board


anabolic message boardanabolic message boardanabolic message boardanabolic message boardanabolic message board