Anabolic fasting 101

I can’t get into the specifics of his diet unfortunately. I tried once but had the finger waved at me. But I can talk about the carb spike. According to Cory the carb spike is to elevate growth hormone production while you sleep and in turn putting on more muscle. I’m not 100% on the research of that, but I know in the traditional anabolic diet, the carb spike is a weekend and that is to replenish glycogen stores in the muscles. In the traditional anabolic diet, you consume high amounts of fat from red meat which acts as a precursor to testosterone and in turn crazy muscle gains.

Hey Stephen just read through your article and loved that you expressed your experience with binge eating/Intermittent fasting. I have been IF for almost 3 years now and love it because well I’ve never been able to feel satisfied until doing so. i have never been a binge eater but used to stick to the whole ”Bro diet” if you will, usually 5-6 meals a day just do to the fact that it used to be everywhere that it was the ”Holy grail” for optimal gains. Well found out that was total bullshit do to researching a little on IF about 4 years ago but was in contest prep for a show so didn’t really try out things until after. Long story short experimented with it for awhile a fell in love with it, took awhile to adapt to not eating for an extended period of time but now hunger is not even a problem. use this method of eating for both cutting and bulking. Anyway great article bud! Hope other people come across this as i am sure it will truly change some people’s mindset on eating.

Anabolic fasting 101

anabolic fasting 101


anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101anabolic fasting 101