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So, I’m 17. I started training with weights in Dec 2013 with absolutely no knowlege/experiece. I got my squat from 80 to now 145lbs. I can deadlift 160lbs easily. Bench press on and off since my bench is broke. So would you say my beginner gains are gone and I need to use creatine? I am going to buy some whey soon. I am also trying to gain weight. I’m 147 right now. Trying to be 155 by mid-June. Any suggestions to add on to this. I did 5×5 training for almost 10 weeks a few months ago (got me to that heavy squat lol 😉 )

Don’t be turned off by the slightly sleazy purchase procedure of this eBook – it is legit.  This book is infinitely higher quality than the sleazy sales methods would indicate . Personally, I find the 3 mile long web pages full of bold flashing text and never ending testimonials pretty offensive and even more annoying are the popups “Are you sure you want to navigate away?” when you try to leave the page without purchasing. Just grin and bear it, its worth it. I have purchased and reviewed this book and no mysterious charges have ever appeared on my credit cards, nor have I experienced any other problems. The money back guarantee is real. You can return these eBooks for any valid reason within 60 days. They do send weekly motivational and informational emails which I didn’t want but they have not sold/given my email address away to anyone – no mysterious influx of spam emails. If you buy this book and are not satisfied with it, please email me at the below address and let me know why! To the best of my ability, the review here is fair and accurate so your should be getting exactly what you expect based upon my review, and if not, I need to change my review. In four years of selling these books I have never had a single reader complaint, but if you are the first and need help getting your money back, email me at “books @ scoobysworkshop . com” – remove the spaces!

Don’t buy this book, check it out from your local library because its one thats really entertaining and informative but its not a book you will not need to reference again. Little Big Men is a real life glimpse into the world of competitive bodybuilding, not the PR fluff you get from the bodybuilding mags but the gritty stuff. If you have any illusions that you might become the next Jay Cutler, please read this book first. This book was written based on the authors experience with the pros back in the 80’s so its dated but still relevant. You can argue if its the same today and you can even argue if the authors view of pro bodybuilding is 100% representative or accurate. The truth is though that the author is giving us a glimpse into a sub-culture that very few of us would ever see or experience – I know it was an eye opener when I read it. Entertaining and informative. Definitely worth a read.

Anabolic cooking pdf dave ruel

anabolic cooking pdf dave ruel


anabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruelanabolic cooking pdf dave ruel