Adrenal fatigue caused by steroids

Depletion and dysregulation of adrenal hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are the primary symptomatic drivers of Adrenal Fatigue and crashes. Repeated crashes over time will invariably further weaken the adrenal glands. While the intensity of each crash will increase as Adrenal Fatigue increases, it is not a linear progression clinically. Many in Stage 1 and Stage 2 Adrenal Fatigue are not aware of their impending problems. Their daily activities will remain unchanged, as there is sufficient adrenal reserve to compensate for any transient energy low.

The specific treatment for Adrenal fatigue will vary based on your exact Hair Mineral Analysis results and once we have discussed your case over the phone, I will then prescribe your personalized treatment plan. The Hair minerals: Sodium and Potassium, most closely represent your Adrenal hormone function at the cellular level. However too much ACUTE STRESS can change these minerals levels to rise, indicating an Excess amount of Adrenal activity. Using the Hair Analysis gives us insight to help us manage your Adrenal stress response that no other lab test can provide. Based on decades of Nutritional research and product development, I can prescribe a very effective set of nutrients and herbs to help lower your STRESS RESPONSE in order to help the Adrenal glands to rest and heal. Adrenal Fatigue treatment may include Glandular extracts, Vitamins, Minerals, Chinese Herbs, Nutritional Balancing Supplements, along with self-help practices such as Qigong Exercises and practical Lifestyle counseling to get your life back in to balance.

Adrenal fatigue caused by steroids

adrenal fatigue caused by steroids


adrenal fatigue caused by steroidsadrenal fatigue caused by steroidsadrenal fatigue caused by steroidsadrenal fatigue caused by steroidsadrenal fatigue caused by steroids